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Sgi Modified Road Test Agreement

To complete the test, the examiners charge the student over a loudspeaker. In mid-March, SGI suspended all road tests to ensure physical disincarnation to protect customers and staff. The modified tests for commercial driver`s licences (Class 1 and Class 3 drivers) were resumed on 20 April with similar safety protocols. SGI says it resumes road testing for people working in the health and agriculture sector. The Crown Corporation says it recognizes that health care providers provide the necessary care and that it is necessary to get to work and operate the necessary vehicles. Agriculture was also considered crucial for food production. In addition to these two groups, people who have cancelled a test due to the pandemic will also be able to resume road tests. Tests will be restarted on Monday. SGI suspended all road tests as early as mid-March due to COVID-19 restrictions. The modified tests for commercial licences, pilots of Classes 1 and 3, continued on April 20. Initially, there will be a maximum of 140 road tests per week for health and agriculture professionals, spread across the centres of Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Regina, Swift Current, North Battleford and Yorkton. The aim is to improve the safety protocols and limitations of the devices. If capacity permits, SGI will contact people outside these areas who are waiting for tests – about 4,500 people – to schedule appointments.

Appointments are only possible for people working in the health or agriculture sector or when they have had their tests cancelled due to the pandemic. Customers who qualify for a road test are notified by e-mail and, in the case of Class 5 candidates, they must submit a signed agreement, waiver and waiver of their supervisory driver. (These forms are also available here.) Customers then book their street test at a design office. While the current restrictions remain in place, testing capacity is expected to reach a maximum of 320 per week by early June, with extended availability to Meadow Lake, Humboldt, Weyburn, Kindersley, Lloydminster, Tisdale, Estevan and Moose Jaw. Customers in the health or agriculture sector, as well as customers who had previously cancelled a planned road test, will continue to receive a preferred reservation. It is not possible to dig the physical distance in a vehicle, so that the examiner, in order to prevent both the applicant and the examiner from being suspended, follows the student in a tractor-trailer, as is the case with the class 1 and 3 road tests. The examiner gives instructions to the student via a hands-free phone. This should only be used for testing, as new drivers should not travel with mobile phones. SGI has developed a modified process for class 5, 4 or 2 licensing. From Monday, testing will only be available for workers in both sectors, but will be strengthened as capacity increases.