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Tds On Sale Deed Or Construction Agreement

If I bought a property with a basic project, Rs.60.00.000/and TDS as 1% is 60,000/- Instead of paying TDS 1% on each drive, while paying the developer`s flat fee each time, I can pay the TDS the full TDS of the contract value once and for all a. For all these transactions as of June 1, 2013, the buyer would have to deduct from the property a 1% tax at the time of payment of the sale benefit. Has the first seller`s agreement with Builder been terminated? In accordance with the provisions of the Income Tax Act s. 194-IA, the buyer is required to pay a resident seller an amount greater than or equivalent to 50 lakhs for the sale of land other than farmland, the buyer is required to deduct 1% of the consideration for the transfer of real estate to TDS. A if the TDS is applicable when a basic property is purchased by the owner. I think so. Dear Sir I am an employee who works as a teacher at MNNIT Allahabad, U.P. I bought an apartment in Noida. The seller deducted and deposited TDS 1%, since the value of the real estate was greater than 50 Lakhs. In my expiry form TDS 26AS appears in Part F- Data of the tax deducted at source from the sale of land u/s 194IA (For buyers of real estate) with certificate number tds, deucte name, i. owner`s name, Aberres PAN, confirmation number, confirmation number, global transaction number, transaction date, TDS paid and filing date.

I would like to know which ITR I need to fill out, whether it is the ITR-1 or the ITR-2. As I must prove in ITR`s e-submission, since the amount was paid to the buyer and he filed the TDS as the account name, the seller of the property is. Please help me out so I felt the ITR needed for AY 2015-16 your early response e-file. Thanks and with coating, Dr. Ram Pal Singh Hi, I bought a resale apartment by a seller (direct owner) in December 2018. Seller made sale-construction contract with Dembau during pre-launch in 2015, but wasn`t going for recording as he wanted to sell in the future. I paid 62 lakhs to the seller (22 lakhs in the check, 40 existing lakh loans from the seller with SBI) and made a transfer agreement including the two sellers/builders – you have to design a tripartite agreement and deduct TDS because of the seller and not the contractor. I have quick requests – I bought an apartment under construction of Rs 60 Lakes with my wife`s co-plaintiff in 2012. I paid 95% of the fee before June 01, 2013 and the contractor contract is April 24, 2013. During detention, on May 26, 2015, I paid 5% residual rest 5%, i.e. 3 lakes from my wife`s account, without deducting TDS at 5% payment. Sir I want to buy a stink apartment, which is in common the Muslim lady with her late husband.

There are four legal heirs woman, two sons NRI, a resident daughter. To save the hardness of 20% of TDS, they are of the opinion to distribute the sale of all legal heirs, but they want to release the payment on behalf of his mother, who is a resident. It may be possible to expose the 12B in the name of the mother, while in the sales facts will be executed by 4 people.