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Daikin Extended Service Agreement Homeowner Contract

Daikin UK offers a number of guarantees and extended warranties for our air conditioning, application, refrigeration and heating appliances. Worry-free coverage An improved Asure service plan gives you confidence that you won`t face unexpected costs of repairing or exchanging parts for your heating and cooling. We give you comfort, because we know that you and your family don`t have to endure long periods of time without heating or cooling – you`re covered! The extended asure service plan complements the standard product warranty by providing safety coverage and additional years of part protection based on the selected plan. Your Asure reseller can provide you with details about the different coverage options available. What does the plan do? Asure`s advanced service plan provides extensive coverage for all functional parts of your newly installed Amana brand air conditioning and heating systems. If a repair is required, an Asure authorized dealer will respond immediately and perform repairs with high-quality Amana-specific parts. With Asure cover, your long-lasting comfort is guaranteed. Asure brings added value! If you decide to sell your home before your Asure coverage expires, a number of Asure plans are available for free to a new homeowner. What a great way to restore resale value to your home! Full details about the portability of the plan can be found in the extended Homeowner service agreement. How do I get Asure coverage? Asure service contracts are only available through an asure authorized reseller.

Your Asure dealer takes care of the filing of your extended service contract, so you are protected in case your equipment requires repair service. If Asure does not receive all properly executed forms, including the sale price and your signature, asure will contact you directly to confirm your policy. What should I do if my device needs to be repaired? Contact the authorized asure reseller listed in your Asure service agreement for support near you. . . .