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Freelance Trainer Agreement

Dear freelancers, TGM Research is a research company that conducts and conducts studies in more than 130 countries. Today we have a project in Singapore where we have to interview freelancers who use the largest independent online platforms. WE ONLY NEED SINGAPOREAN CITIZENS. The freelancer can come from any sector other than e-hailing / offer any type of services. The goal is to understand. We are looking for a freelance developer for iOS and Android. An experienced developer in AWS services such as data lake and storage. We need a specialist/guru to throw the ball as quickly as possible. The project must start as soon as possible. We are looking for an independent proofreader who can work in the short term. We need a correct reading of the translation from English to Russian (text for sending). The document following the reading of the correction should be completely error-free and sound good for Russian speakers. Requirements: – Excellent Russian with perfect writing, grammar and formatting – Very responsible and is able to ter.

I need a lawyer to help me verify an IC agreement with a new client. It`s about 6 pages. Need a freelance programmer to help them with a small job. I installed 7 Blu-Ray-Plyer with Apple TV, and I needed someone to find the programming. The amount of the budget is very negotiable, I understand that programmers can calculate any amount. Please, if you are interested, just let me know how much you want to earn and we can go from there. That has to be completed this week. I`m looking for a white label script for the HR Freelancer project – like TheMashaBrand`s “The Kafe” (a similar script) – fully operational with an additional video conferencing feature + a freelance team leader for a particular project Hello Muhammad, your profile caught my attention…