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Tripartite Agreements Imo

When new chemicals or mixtures of products are offered for bulk shipment, they are usually subject to a tripartite agreement. The objective of a tripartite agreement is that a new product can be shipped relatively quickly during a transitional period before the IMO carries out the final assessment. New tripartite lists, like existing grudges, are issued only upon request. The fee for the tripartite list does not exceed the price of two or more grudges. The benefit will be increasingly likely that the next tripartite product to be sent will already be covered by the CoF, which will reduce the administrative burden and certification costs. At the next opportunity, the operator should urgently consider requesting a tripartite list instead of a supplement in order to have the vessel certified for all products currently available. While products definitively evaluated for the transport of a ship are included in the standard CoF product lists, only one product addition is added to the CoF, which only covers that specific tripartite product. The new tripartite list will contain all current products in three parts at the time of the exhibition, for which the ship can be certified and the ship`s flag is a signatory state. The IMO carries out a final assessment of the products on the basis of their physical and toxicological characteristics provided by the producing country. The product is then valid for all countries without an expiry date and is included in the standard product list of the fitness certificate (CoF). The conditions of carriage may be modified on the basis of the tripartite agreement. In particular, for ships that often ask for tripartite grudges, usually chemical parcel tankers, the new product list will be a better alternative than asking for an endorsement each time a tripartite product needs to be transported. DNV GL now offers a Certificate of Fitness product list that includes all products that have not yet been formally evaluated by the IMO, but are still subject to a tripartite agreement.

This facilitates the certification process by putting all tripartite products on a single list, as opposed to a single product supplement….