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Where Is Your Agreement To Be Each Other`s Arch-Rivals

When you meet him, I say that your luck runs – “The elder observer, it is possible. to show you? They get to know each other when they attend the same school/under the same master and live together in the same yard. Yay The Petal Holder insisted: “For five days, the young master has achieved a breakthrough, a great achievement, in your ability to bury six night flowers. But when you came out of isolation, you first drank in stupor, then you tried to jump off a cliff, hang yourself with a roof beam, consume poison and drown. The elders asked this subordinate to watch over the young Master, please don`t do it… Behind him, his companion of the Evil Sect, who, like many others, was called petal holder, reprimanded: “Young Master, this leaf has a small dose of toxin. .