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Withdrawal Agreement Vote October 2019

Trying to resolve the difficult circle of Brexit implementation under the aegis of the Good Friday Agreement and peacekeeping on the island of Ireland has always been a big issue. Not everyone will be happy with what the Prime Minister is saying, but all communities should be happy that no one is talking about a carriage and horses driven under the Good Friday Agreement and that there are no communities, especially at the border, that now fear a resurrection of violence, bloodshed and hatred. He is to be congratulated. Friday`s vote took place at the second reading of the bill, where MPs are voting on whether they are prepared in principle to ask for a bill beforehand. Changes can be made later. The most important elements of the draft agreement are as follows:[21] Boris Johnson`s government has negotiated a new “deal” with the European Union. It consists of a political declaration and a withdrawal agreement. This document focuses on the Withdrawal Agreement and how it compares to the agreement negotiated by Theresa May`s government in November 2018. The main differences concern the protocol on Ireland and Northern Ireland or the “backstop”, as it is commonly known. It contains very different regulations, the UK will no longer be in a single customs territory or union with the EU. The United Kingdom is no longer legally bound to meet commitments on an equal footing at the end of the transition period.

Northern Ireland will continue to be on the customs and VAT territory of the UK, but the region will adapt to EU rules in these areas. Northern Ireland will remain largely aligned with EU rules on goods. Four years after the end of the transition period, northern Ireland`s democratic institutions will vote on maintaining the provisions of the Protocol. The next tactic, that of the right honourable. and Hon. Members who support this agreement should say, “Let us continue. People are fed up with the process; they are fed up. I think we all share that view, but you don`t give up on a question of this magnitude because you`re tired – you keep going until you get the right choices. Three days of debate on this withdrawal agreement are therefore scandalous. Of course, we can take some safety precautions.

We can conclude a referendum and I will vote in favour of it in due course, but I do not want to clutter the House this evening. We can try to change some of our national laws, but it`s a bit like a letter of wish to your own children – there`s no guarantee that the kids will decide to execute it. When he is mature and can choose, he will be able to judge whether we have done the right thing or the wrong thing by passing this law. He will be able to judge whether we have taken steps to keep the Union united or whether it has been threatened, leading to the withdrawal of Scotland and Northern Ireland. .